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Sprinkler Repair: Hire the right man or woman the first time out

7 things to look for when preparing your sprinkler system for summer: rain bird sprinkler repair

Summer is starting to turn up the heat, and it’s time to start watering that lawn. So you turn on your sprinklers system and, uh oh, it’s busted. From a small leak to shooting geysers, a broken sprinkler system can become quite expensive in water costs. That’s why it’s a great idea to go through this check list before you make it rain.

1. Check to see if the ground has thawed

This either is or is not  a significant problem depending on where you live. But nevertheless, if the ground hasn’t thawed to twelve inches or more before you turn on the water, then you are risking breaking an underground pipe. Simply take a shovel and dig down a little to see if you are ready for the next step.

2. Check your sprinkler controller

This is usually a quick and easy fix. Make sure that your controller has a new battery back-up, is clean, and in good working order before you start watering.

3. Check your valves

A simple check of your valves before you turn the water on will make sure that you aren’t dealing with a pipe full of water should one of them be faulty. Which will make repairs much easier.

4. Check for worn pieces

Cracked pipes, loose solenoids, and all other manner of parts can take a beating in the winter months. If it’s exposed, then make sure to look it over before you get started.

5. Check for pressure surges

A water pressure surge can cause big problems. The rapid increase in pressure can easily overpower a valve, or weakened pipe. To avoid this make sure to turn on the water to your sprinkler system slowly, barely cracking the valve open until you can hear the water moving. Then wait for the sound to quieter before turning the water on the rest of the way.

6. Check for broken sprinkler heads

It’s very common to run over a sprinkler, whether by car or lawn mower. And even if they aren’t visibly broken, it’s possible that they are still leaking when turned on. Take the time to go through each of your sprinklers and see that they are popping up (if your system does so) and not spraying water where they shouldn’t. As a side note, rain bird sprinkler systems can come equipped with a flexible hose underground which prevents damage should the sprinkler get run over, this small upgrade can save you a lot of yearly hassle.

7. Check for debris in sprinkler heads

A sprinkler may appear functioning correctly, until you turn it on and find that it’s clogged up with dirt and roots. Go through each sprinkler to ensure they are free of all debris. This will prevent dry spots in your lawn.

Sprinklers take a bit of effort to keep in top shape, but we’ve got your back. If you’re interested in sprinkler or irrigation repair services, then feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help.