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A Custom Designed Tampa Irrigation System is Perfect for Any Yard

Sprinkler Installation, How to Maintain Your Lawn and Your Sanity


In Florida, water is a high ticket item. New Florida homeowners, surprised to find their water bill is higher than their air conditioning bill, quickly come to realize their lawn is a not only a high ticket expense item, it’s also a high maintenance matter.

Long term residents know the secret to keeping their lawns green without busting the budget: a sprinkler installation. In fact, a sprinkler installation addresses both issues, cost and maintenance. Florida lawns need regular watering and that is very difficult to do manually. Dragging a hose around the yard and setting up manual sprinklers is no one’s idea of fun. Even if this is done on a regular basis, if the sprinklers are not positioned properly, the end result will be patches of brown where your manual placement of the sprinkler failed to hit.

Planning to be away from home for a week? That involves some additional actions besides what to pack. Do you hire that high school student to do the watering according to your instructions? Will you worry that the water is not turned off properly or that the student actually follows through? And, oh yes, if an unanticipated day long storm rolls through will the student realize the lawn needn’t be watered the following day?

For the sake of sanity, install a sprinkler irrigation system. Yes, the initial cost may sound prohibitive, but the long-term savings will easily cover this cost and provide tangible benefits:

1. Professional irrigation specialists analyze your lawn and yard and use this information for the placement of the sprinkler valves and heads. Benefit: an installed system that is tailored to meet the watering needs of all parts of your lawn.

2. These specialists know the characteristics of your lawn’s ‘species’ and use this information to develop watering schedule programs. Two critical factors affect how these programs are set: your grass type and your region’s seasonal climate changes. Benefit: an intelligent installed irrigation system that is programmed to accommodate your, grass type and seasonal lawn needs.

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