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Does your well water have a taste and/or smell that you would like to remove?


If your water has a mineral-like taste, orange color (whether you see it on your glass or in your appliances) you may have iron in your water. If you don’t remove iron from your water it can grow iron bacteria, which isn’t good for you, and create orange, slimy water that clogs your appliances or fixtures, such as a dish washer, shower head, washing machine, and etc. Iron can be removed by an air injection iron filter.


This same filter can remove sulfur as well (whether you have sulfur, iron, or both!) Sulfur tastes and smells like rotten eggs. If you have ever had a guest complain about your stinky water you may have sulfur in your water.

Air injection filters use oxygen to remove sulfur by oxidizing the water, using oxygen which is a gas, and then allows the carbon to remove the iron, sulfur, or other components.

This is just one component of water treatment that you can add to your current system. You may already have a water softener or water treatment system. Adding an iron and sulfur filter can enhance the system you already have.

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