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Sprinkler Repair: Hire the right man or woman the first time out

3 Reasons To Invest In Custom Designed Irrigation

What’s the big deal about a custom designed irrigation system? Aren’t all sprinkler systems basically the same? Pipes, sprinkler heads, water connection and a timer, those are the basics, right? What’s the point on irrigation customizing?

1. Coverage: Let’s start with the first goal that usually tops the list for homeowners interested in a lawn sprinkler system. You want full coverage of your green spaces. If there are certain nooks and crannies that experience chronic dry conditions, it will affect the health of your entire lawn. On the other side of that coin is over-saturation of areas by sprinkler heads that are the wrong design or poorly positioned. To get proper coverage for a healthier lawn requires the expertise of a skilled irrigation professional to design the right layout using the most suitable materials.

2. Economy: A custom designed irrigation system will do its job more effectively. The end result is better economy of natural resources and your pocketbook. Most smart technology options, that feature drip systems and sensors that detect just how much water the soil needs, create a micro-irrigation system that makes the most of water at just the right time. Florida residents may not be acutely conscious of their water usage. The state tends to get plenty of rain along with lots of sunshine. So if you are not inspired by environmental motivators, saving a bit of cash every month on utility bills may nudge you toward a custom design irrigation option.

3. Expertise: Just about anyone can hook up a sprinkler to a water hose and move it about the lawn. Usually you either over-water or under-water. On rare occasions your lawn will get exactly the amount of fluids it needs. You may even try a DIY project of installing an irrigation system. But where is the support when the sub-grade equipment breaks down and your lawn is flooded from malfunctioning sprinkler heads? Invest in a skilled professional and get expert installation, superior products, and the peace of mind that support is just a phone call away.

To get started on your custom designed irrigation system, please contact us. One of our irrigation experts will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation estimate on your custom project.