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Drip Irrigation Mistakes and You

Drip Irrigation Mistakes and You Drip irrigation systems are easy to use, but a DIY installation can be costly if mistakes are made. So it’s important to understand the potential for drip irrigation mistakes before you start. Here are a few of the most common that might affect you and your installation. Mistake #1: Installing […]

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Great Environmental Benefits With Drip Irrigation

Great Environmental Benefits With Drip Irrigation Most farmers and gardeners are attempting to convert their existing sprinkler systems to drip irrigation. This is because drip irrigation has a number of environmental benefits that make it a better choice than traditional sprinklers. Drip irrigation is more efficient, which means that less water is wasted. It also […]

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Lawn Sprinkler Myths

When homeowners decide whether to install a sprinkler system, finding the right information can be daunting. As increased environmental conservation efforts collide with business interests, it can be especially hard to pick out the fact from the fiction. Unfortunately, a few lawn sprinkler myths are still hanging around. They often get repeated like long celebrated […]

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How to Fix Sprinkler Clogs

How to Fix Sprinkler Clogs Lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems are like shower fixtures in some ways. Like with your shower or faucet, a sprinkler head can develop a clog. This can cause water pressure problems, leaks, and more problems. Sprinkler clogs can develop from a variety of sources. So what do you do when […]

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