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An Introduction To Residential Irrigation System Components

There are a nearly 65,000 acres of irrigated land in the United States. Even if a mere ten percent of that figure is residential irrigation, that is thousands upon thousands of yards with residential irrigation systems. However, many homeowners, especially in Florida, rely on those systems without really understanding them. This month, we are aiming […]

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Common Problems With Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems do amazing work, especially in Florida. Managing to keep lawns lush and green when it averages 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside is no easy feat. However, these handy systems are not infallible. This week we are exploring some of the most common problems that irrigation systems encounter. Read on to learn about what those […]

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How To Improve The Efficiency Of An Irrigation System

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, up to 50% of irrigation water is lost to “evaporation, wind, improper system design, installation, or maintenance.” Of course, issues oftentimes arise from some combination of these factors. Most people know that water is a precious resource, so losing half of the water intended for irrigation is wasteful. […]

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How To Winterize An Irrigation System

It is extremely important to winterize an irrigation system to preserve the money you put into it. Winterization is the process of preparing anything for the winter months. It is especially important to winterize irrigation systems to avoid water freezing in the pipes. Frozen blockages have a high chance of causing damage to various points […]

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Don’t Install Sprinklers until you Know These 9 Facts

You should never try to install a new sprinkler system without knowing these important facts. #1: Licensed Professionals Save you Headaches You should always make sure that anyone you have installing your sprinkler system are licensed professionals. It will save you a lot of headaches in the long-term. I hear a lot of horror stories […]

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Irrigation Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Many utility companies have reported that 50% of their water output goes into irrigation systems. Did you know that a lot of this water is wasted due to inefficient systems? A poorly maintained irrigation system can distribute too much water, causing your water bill to suffer while oversaturating your lawn. You can reduce this by […]

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Maintenance Tips for Your Automatic Irrigation System

Proper maintenance of your automated irrigation system will save you both time and money. As a professional in this business, I have a lot of experience working with these systems. I’m going to share some amazing tips for how you can properly maintenance your automatic irrigation system. Like most other products that are installed around […]

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