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Rain Sensors are Important. Is Yours Working?

If you’ve looked out the window lately, chances are it has been raining outside. This is great news for your lawn. Having a properly watered landscape is key to a gorgeous yard.

If you’ve looked at your water bill lately, chances are you’ve noticed that a gorgeous yard isn’t free. This is why rain sensors… properly working rain sensors, are so important. So what is a rain switch, and how does it work?

Most irrigation systems employ a hygroscopic disk sensor, which is basically just a synthetic disk made of an absorbent, cork like material that expands when it gets wet. Once it expands past a certain point, the disk triggers a switch that turns off your irrigation system. Only when the disk has dried out (and reduced back to its original size) will the irrigation system resume its normal scheduled watering cycle.

So the big questions are: Do you have a rain sensor? And is it working properly?

If you do, great! You aren’t spending money needlessly running your irrigation system to water a lawn that’s being rained on. If you don’t, or if you aren’t sure if your sensor is working properly, we can help.

Give us a call and we might be able to help plug a hole in your wallet while also ensuring that your lawn stays beautiful.