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Could Sprinkler Repair Be in Your Future?

Why You Should Consider Sprinkler Installation on Your Property

A beautiful lawn is not only visually appealing, it’s inviting. It makes people think of running barefoot and enjoying a summer afternoon with friends and family.

The key to that beautiful lawn is proper watering. “No problem!” you might say. “Let me grab the hose!” Actually, there’s a better way: sprinkler installation. This is why:

Water Your Lawn Evenly

Watering by hand can result in some areas of the yard being almost flooded and others not getting a drop. After awhile, you’ll notice lush patches and dry patches, which is probably not the look you’re doing for. DIY Network says lawns generally need between one and one-and-a-half inches of water per week. Can you be sure you’re providing that when you do it by hand? And what if it rains? A sprinkler system can include a rain sensor to prevent overwatering.

Save Water

When you water too much, the ground can’t absorb it and the water runs off, resulting in waste.

Save Money

Wasted water is still water you have to pay for. With the efficiency of a sprinkler system, you’ll know that your water bill covered water your lawn actually needed and used. And if you choose to sell your home, a sprinkler system adds value to your property.

Save Time

A lawn should be watered in the early morning or evening, which means you might need to get up earlier or take time away from other activities to get it done. With a sprinkler system, your lawn won’t suffer if you forget, get home late, or spend a week out of town.

Meet the Needs of Your Lawn

Each lawn is unique. The type of soil and grass you have will make a difference in how often you need to water. American Irrigation Services customizes each sprinkler installation to suit your lawn. With more than 30 years of experience, our well-trained technicians will make sure your sprinkler system is properly installed and maintained to ensure a beautiful lawn all summer long. Contact American Irrigation Services to learn more about our full range of residential and commercial irrigation services.