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Sprinkler Repair: Hire the right man or woman the first time out

Should I Add Irrigation To My Current System?

Everyone knows the signs of a broken sprinkler. There are puddles that last forever, a soggy corner where a sprinkler sprays hardscapes, and there are brown spots on the lawn. In that instance, the sprinkler repair person comes in and fixes the sprinkler heads and look for leaking pipes. But sometimes the problem isn’t that something is broken, but with there isn’t enough irrigation. Maybe you suspect that you might need to add a pipe or two. Do you? What would it look like if you did? Here are a few times that you might need to add irrigation to your current system.

You Have Changed Your Landscape

It might be tempting to ignore your irrigation system when you add a flower bed or lawn. Surely, your extra yard of plants will get along on the outer limits of a sprinkler? It generally can’t. The irrigation system was designed to efficiently cover the plants in one arrangement. If you change the shape and space that the sprinklers have to cover, there will be places that the water can’t reach, dooming your new lawn or flower beds.

You Notice Brown Spots In The Edges

Your irrigation system may have not been efficiently designed in the first place. There might be a side run that was always covered in lawn, but the original designer decided against putting sprinklers in that corner. Perhaps the sprinklers just don’t have the power to reach the edges of the lawn. Well, adding a few pipes is often cheaper than redoing the entire irrigation system. A line to move a sprinkler closer to the brown spots can help.

Customizing Watering Run Times Would Make Your System More Efficient

Some parts of your yard needs more water or does better if it is watered earlier in the day. If you have a lawn on the western side of the house, it holds on to water at a different time of the day than your flower bed on the southern side. You can make your system more efficient by adding a loop of sprinklers and a new timer to one of your areas. This essentially independent system will water your plants at the perfect times for them instead of watering everything at the same time.

Sprinkler repair, maintenance, and additions are all important tools in keeping your yard beautiful. If you think your irrigation system needs any of these, contact us. We’ll help you out.