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Common Problems With Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems do amazing work, especially in Florida. Managing to keep lawns lush and green when it averages 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside is no easy feat. However, these handy systems are not infallible. This week we are exploring some of the most common problems that irrigation systems encounter. Read on to learn about what those common problems are and some common solutions for them as well.

Lack In Efficiency

An inefficient irrigation system is a frustrating problem for homeowners. It can lead to issues with a sick or dying lawn as well as a high water bill. The most common problems with irrigation efficiency are watering in the wrong place, uneven watering, and incorrect scheduling.

Homeowners can fix the scheduling themselves. Either by using a timer, or manually watering the lawn at dawn. With the other issues, homeowners need to contact an irrigation professional. Simply take note of where the problem areas are and an irrigation contractor will come up with an action plan. Those action plans include ideas such as relocating sprinkler heads, replacing the heads, or even expanding the irrigation system as a whole.

Broken Equipment

The most common types of broken equipment are sprinkler heads, water lines, and the valve box. All of these problems lead to leaks that flood the yard or simply waste water. Problems with sprinkler heads are easy to solve because they are the most visible component. Valve box and water line issues are more difficult to identify. Contractors may have to dig up significant sections of the system in order to determine where the damage is.

Homeowners with home repair experience can likely replace broken heads themselves. However, issues with the underground lines and valve box require more experience and expertise.

Misaligned Equipment

Typically, misaligned equipment problems consist of tilted heads, sunken heads, or blocked heads. Tilted heads and sunken heads are usually products of soil compaction or erosion. To fix this issue, homeowners simply need to redistribute the soil around the head. The process is fairly easy, just dig the soil out from around the head and redistribute it. This way, the soil is not causing the head to tilt or slowly sink into the ground.

Blocked heads are a little different. Blocked heads usually arise from environmental factors such as overgrown shrubs or a shift in landscaping. The solution to a blocked head depends on what is causing the blockage. All the problem may require is someone to trim back a hedge. However, larger blockages tend to need professionals. Contractors can actually relocate the sprinkler head in order to avoid the block. This solution requires a certain amount of professional care because it involves digging up and relocating an entire line.

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