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Conserve Water with Rain Sensors

Quality ServicePeople tend to use water as though it is a disposable resource. Even though it seems like the world has a lot of it to spare, the truth is, this resource can be depleted fast. To keep your grass green and healthy, you need to water it on a regular basis. If you do not water it, you may begin to notice brown patches and fungus can take over, killing your grass. No matter where you live, it is essential that you pay attention to how much water run-off you have and try to reduce it as much as possible.

Common Waste of Water

One of the biggest wastes of water is when people water their lawns while it rains. Rain sensors are one way to eliminate the problem and stop unnecessary watering of your yard. A rain sensor is a switch or type of device that connects to your automatic sprinkler system. The device is able to sense when it is raining out and will override the system and deactivate the sprinklers from turning on; preventing over watering.

Conserve Water Today

If you are looking to conserve water, start with rain sensors. This device is easily installed and can decrease your water bill. In addition to rain sensors, you can conserve water by:

  • Ensuring all of your sprinklers work properly
  • Not over watering your yard
  • Ensuring your sprinklers face the correct way
  • Watering on specified days

Get Your Rain Sensors Today

If you are ready to begin conserving water, contact us today. American Irrigation offers installation services for your new rain sensors and can help show you how you can save money.

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