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The Go-To Guide to Common Sprinkler Repair Issues

Don’t Install Sprinklers until you Know These 9 Facts

You should never try to install a new sprinkler system without knowing these important facts.

#1: Licensed Professionals Save you Headaches

You should always make sure that anyone you have installing your sprinkler system are licensed professionals. It will save you a lot of headaches in the long-term. I hear a lot of horror stories from people who try doing this themselves.

#2: Water Pressure is Important

In most cases, the higher the water pressure, the more efficient your system will be. You need to make sure that your system is carefully regulated so that you are maximizing its efficiency. Sprinkler heads are usually marked.

#3: Not All Sprinkler Heads are Created Equally

There are a couple of main types of sprinkler heads – fixed and rotary. These sprinkler heads each put out a different amount of water. Do not mix them because it will lead to a whole host of problems. Your entire system should be equipped with either fixed or rotary sprinkler heads. You also need to pay attention to where they are placed.

#4: Tree Roots Cause Unexpected Problems

Tree roots can make irrigation system installations quite frustrating. They pose a problem that can quick eat away a lot of time. Always inspect your area and brainstorm ideas that you can follow to avoid roots. Better yet, hire a professional.

#5: Funny Pipe is Used to Connect Sprinkler Heads to Pipes

It is super flexible and unbreakable which make funny pipe the perfect connector. Plus it will also ensure that your water pressure remains at a constant. You should take some time to study this amazing pipe further and determine how to use it in your system.

#6: Solenoids are a Thing

Solenoid is simply a professional term used to describe the valves that regulate the water output for each zone of your property. They will allow water to reach a specific zone and then shut down after a specific period of time. Solenoids are one of the most important parts of your system.

#7: Missing the Mark Wastes Money

You’d be surprised at how many people set up their system to just throw water all around the property. This is a waste of water and money. In fact, you might be held liable if you get water on the sidewalk and someone slips. Be sure that you take the time to properly aim water in the right places.

#8: Watering in the Morning is the Best Method

Most people actually water their lawns at night but this can cause mold to form. The best time to water the lawn if in the early hours of the morning. That way, excess water is evaporated by the sun before mold or fungus can grow.

#9: Rain Sensors are Required in Some Areas

Plus these sensors will save you from oversaturating your lawn and will also help your wallet. They are usually attached near the controller so that the system will not activate when there has been a preset amount of rain. Don’t underestimate the importance of rain sensors.

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