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Honey, I Ran Over The Lawn Sprinkler. Again.

Is calling up a serviceman for another round of lawn sprinkler repair a familiar occurrence in your home? Knowledge is power and lawn sprinklers are no exception to that rule. Learn the most common reasons for lawn sprinkler repair and become empowered. It may help you keep your lawn sprinkler system in tip-top shape.


Most sprinkler systems are constructed of PVC pipe that will eventually have issues due to wear. Extremes of heat or cold can cause cracks that will become evident by drops in water pressure or pooling of water in your lawn. If you live in an area of temperature extremes then you need a professional who knows how to winterize your system’s pipes. Even sunny Florida gets freezing weather.

Sprinkler Heads

They get run over, they become blocked with mineral deposits, they have heavy objects put on top of them as they go unnoticed in an underground recess. Sprinkler heads take all sorts of abuse. Don’t ignore and neglect them. Always consult a professional who can design your system so that sprinkler heads are positioned in as secure a location as possible to prevent run-ins with cars, foot traffic, soccer balls, etc. If a particular head keeps taking a beating it may be time to talk to your repairman about removing it and re-installing it in another location or, perhaps, replacing it with a sprinkler head of a different design that may be more suitable.


The problem may not be with your sprinkler at all. The problem could be in the quality of your water pressure. If your sprinkler system is just not packing the punch it should, you will need a qualified sprinkler specialist to determine if the problem is related to your sprinkler system. It may be that you have a faulty valve, pipe damage, or an aging pump. If these issues are ruled out then you may have a problem at the source, the pipes delivering water service to your house.

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