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I have a well, which is great, but… 

Using a well to run your irrigation is a great way to save on your water and sewer bill. However,  if your well water has iron in it, it can leave your house, porch, walkways, and fence with  red/orange rust stains! There is a solution for this, and it is called Rid-O-Rust. Rid-O-Rust is an injector system that injects a solution into your irrigation water that prevents the iron from adhering to surfaces and staining them. Overtime, rust stains can deteriorate your paint and the natural color of fences and walkways.

What if I ALREADY have iron stains?

If you already have staining we can first remove those stains with an iron stain remover and then follow that up with the injector system to prevent them from ever coming back.

Will Rid-O-Rust hurt my grass or outdoor surfaces?

The system is safe for your grass and other plants and it is also safe for your paint and other surfaces, and it is virtually maintenance free!

Let’s find a system that works for you!

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