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It’s okay… it happens to everyone.

Do you get hard water stains or scale build up on household surfaces, fixtures, and appliances? These spots can make you kitchen sink look dull, make your shower head not spray evenly, and keeps your china glasses spotted and dirty-looking. Hard water can be tough on the appearance and functioning of your home.

Calcium and other minerals build up and can clog faucets, degenerate surfaces, break down appliances (like dish washers and washing machines) and impact the overall taste and quality of your water.

These problems, and more, can be avoided by utilize a water softener.

So…. what is a water softener?

A water softener is a water treatment system with the main purpose of removing hardness minerals, such as calcium and magnesium.

Did you know…?

Most city/county water has high levels of chlorine, often times higher than in your own pool? (No one likes to drink pool water.) Chlorine has harmful impacts on your health. We can easily remove this with your water softener by adding a specialized type of carbon to your softener, which leaves you with healthier water. 

How can American Irrigation Services help?

We are SO glad you asked.

First, we come to your home and perform a free water test. Then we share your results with you and use these results to custom design a water treatment system just for you and your water. You will then have a virtually-free maintenance system that maintains quality water that is better testing and less harmful to your home… not to mention how much your hair will thank you! (You will even be able to use less shampoo, dish detergent, and laundry soap!)

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