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Smart Irrigation Controllers? We can do that!

There are lots of options for irrigation controllers for your home. But recently, there have been a few options that have popped up on the market that are a bit cooler than some of the others. These “smart” systems can use your homes wifi connection to connect to a weather database and determine if it’s rained the day that its scheduled to run. If it determines your lawn already has enough water, guess what? You save some money on your water bill!

American Irritation Services can install these smart irrigation controllers and let you take advantage of the water savings. For example, the Rain Bird Smart Irrigation controller lets you control your system from your smartphone using the Rain Bird app. This app allows control of multiple timers located anywhere in the world. You can install the app on multiple devices, or securely share control with family members and landscapers.

It’s very simple to customize watering schedules which can be automatically adjusted all year. Each watering zone can be set with a different name, picture, frequency, start time, and run time. Automatic Seasonal Adjust features will adjust your daily watering schedule based on season, local weather, temperature, and humidity. This data automatically downloads for your specific zip code and is calculated every night.

On each zone, you can set custom watering days, start times and run time. You can enable notifications in the Rain Bird app that will keep you informed of what’s happening in your yard even when you’re away.

American Irrigation also installs Rachio Controllers, which work with Amazon’s Alexa app and allow you to water your lawn just by telling Alexa! Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers make it easy to create custom schedules that automatically adjust for changing local weather, and then monitor everything from your phone or smart device. Rachio can also allow you to detect leaks in your system with a wireless flow meter. This meter allows you to detect even low-flow leaks before they become a more serious problem.

Do you spend time away from home, but would still like for us to be able to service your system? Many of our customers elect to put their smart timers in a lockable box on the exterior of their home. This allows your technician to access your system, even when you aren’t available.

Ready to have us install your very own smart-watering assistant? Interested in learning more about smart irrigation controllers and how they can help your lawn and water bill? Give us a call today!