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Tag Archives: Irrigation Maintenance

How To Improve The Efficiency Of An Irrigation System

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, up to 50% of irrigation water is lost to “evaporation, wind, improper system design, installation, or maintenance.” Of course, issues oftentimes arise from some combination of these factors. Most people know that water is a precious resource, so losing half of the water intended for irrigation is wasteful. […]

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How To Winterize An Irrigation System

It is extremely important to winterize an irrigation system to preserve the money you put into it. Winterization is the process of preparing anything for the winter months. It is especially important to winterize irrigation systems to avoid water freezing in the pipes. Frozen blockages have a high chance of causing damage to various points […]

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3 Critical Lawn Irrigation Maintenance Tips That you Must Follow

A home irrigation system is a great investment but in order to keep your system running properly, you will need to perform regular maintenance on it. Most people will simply wait until the system breaks down and then call a professional in to fix the problem but there are some steps that you can take […]

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