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Which Grass Grows Best

What Grass Grows Best in Florida?

What Grass Grows Best in Florida?

Florida has a particularly unique climate. It has plentiful wetlands, generally slow drainage, and a lot of salt. We either get too much heat and sun, too much rain, or too many hurricanes. It’s a land of extremes. This can impact the kinds of grass you can grow in Florida.

Be that as it may, there are still varieties of grass that can give you a lush, green lawn. And yes, that means wherever you live in Florida! So today, we’d like to go over the best kinds of grass to plant and enjoy in the Sunshine State.

Zoysia Grass

An up-and-coming favorite, Zoysia Grass, has to be one of the hardiest choices on this list. It is beautiful and soft, carrying a deep, dark green color that resembles turf. This grass is a good pick for lawns with a lot of traffic. If you have rowdy kids, pets, or adults, this grass is up to the task. The grass does well against droughts and partial shade conditions… But it will go dormant in the event of a freak frost. Because it’s so low maintenance, it makes a great starter lawn. It even grows thick enough to choke out most weeds!

Bermuda Grass

For a one-of-a-kind look, consider Bermuda Grass. It is a muted, almost grayish-green color. Its roots grow to remarkable depths, and as a result, it is great at fighting off weeds and droughts. Unfortunately, this grass is so well suited for Florida’s climate that it can sometimes grow a little too fast. As a result, it can be somewhat invasive if you don’t groom your lawn regularly.

St. Augustine Grass

One of the most popular grasses in Florida is St. Augustine Grass, and for a good reason. It’s dang near everywhere in the state. This grass is especially salt resistant, making it a coastal favorite. It grows even faster than Bermuda Grass, meaning it is a bit higher maintenance. St. Augustine comes in several shades. Palmetto St. Augustine is particularly emerald green, making it a vivid option. Northern residents might opt for Bitter Blue St. Augustine. This variety resists both cold and chinch bugs.


While St. Augustine grass is common, it’s not close to as common as Pensacola Bahiagrass. This kind of grass is very hands-off in Florida’s climate. It grows into beautiful hues, thrives in the heat, and does well with stress, sunburn, and even cold. Anything Florida can throw at it; Bahiagrass can endure. The only downside it carries is being a bit needier with maintenance. Regular weeding and mowing are a must with this variety of grass.

Which Grass Grows Best, In Conclusion

Of course, the variety you settle on will depend on your unique lawn. Not everyone lives on a salty beach, and some people have different irrigation setups. Once you’ve settled on a variety, you’ll want to start thinking irrigation. Florida’s climate can be very hot and dry, as you are undoubtedly aware. However, even the toughest grass needs water, and a home irrigation system can take out all the guesswork.

We can give you exactly the irrigation setup you need with your lawn’s layout and grass variety in mind. So call us today and get started on creating the perfect Florida lawn!

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