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A Custom Designed Tampa Irrigation System is Perfect for Any Yard

Why Hiring an Irrigation Professional is a Great Idea

If you’re thinking about installing an irrigation system in your yard, then you should not make the mistake of thinking it’s something you can do yourself. These systems are far more complex than many of us believe. The fact is that a system that is not installed up to specs is going to have flaws that make it inefficient.

Irrigation systems that are installed by a professional are going to function for years without the need for extensive maintenance so don’t just pop into your back yard and start digging trenches. Call a professional irrigation technician to help you get this done correctly. Here are some of the main reasons why making the right decision here will save you money, time, and effort.

They Consider Tree Roots and Other Obstructions

Trees can certainly help create a stunning landscape. They add such a powerful, beautiful presence to property but when you start trying to dig, you’ll quickly learn that their roots can become quite the headache. They will complicate the installation of your irrigation system. Even if these roots don’t currently interfere, they might grow and become a problem in the future. Professionals have the experience to provide solutions to this potential problem.

Don’t Take a Risk With your Water Supply

Residents might have specific rules that they have to follow in order to use water services for the area. For instance, you might be required to install a backflow prevention device so that the water from your pipes do not back up into the city supply. Or you might have to install certain water saving systems. Whatever the case, professionals will understand these rules and help you set up your irrigation system properly.

Professionals Pay Attention to Detail

Professionals will be picky when installing your irrigation system. For instance, individuals who attempt a DIY sprinkler system installation usually wind up with a bunch of gunk in their lines. This mess has to be flushed out before the sprinkler heads are installed or else you’ll clog them immediately.

Height Makes a Difference

Even something as subtle as a sprinkler head can create huge problems if it’s not installed low enough to the ground. If a sprinkler head is installed more than half an inch above ground, then it might come into contact with threats like a lawn mower. Let a professional install your system to avoid this potentially devastating problem.

Professionals Understand Everything That Can go Wrong

There are plenty of issues that can come into play when you install a new sprinkler system. An amateur risks hitting cable, gas, and other utility lines as they dig for their irrigation system. Professionals understand how to identify these things and avoid them. I can’t tell you how many stories I hear of people trying to dig up their own irrigation system and then hitting an essential utility line, disrupting their service for days. Don’t risk this!

The bottom line is that hiring a professional to install your irrigation system will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

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