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Yard Drainage

Do you have a soggy yard, walkway, or driveway? When a heavy rain comes does it keep you from being able to utilize your yard? We can help AND an EZ-Drain French Drain System may be right for you! The Poly-Rock aggregate of this system contains channels that increase the capacity and flow rate, up to 30% more efficiently than some gravel and pipe systems. The lifespan of the material in the EZ-Drain is 100+ years. The integrity of the structure avoids compaction. This is also a great GREEN choice because it is made with recycled materials. Simply stated, EZ-drain is comprised of fabric, lightweight gravel substitute, and corrugated pipe – all in one! This is then surrounded by poly-rock and contained in a geotextile fabric. EZ-drain is a convenient alternative to traditional stone and pipe drainage and is ideal for superior drainage.

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