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Protect and Preserve Your Landscaping in Tampa by Installing Sprinklers

Create a Unique Backyard and Keep It Healthy with Custom Design Irrigation

When you bought your house, you may have liked the location and features. But, you may have also looked forward to adding or changing features until you loved everything about the home. If you have finished the inside, you may want to start working on the backyard.

If a unique backyard compared to neighboring properties is your goal, you may have a lot of work to do. An important aspect is to invest in custom design irrigation to fit your special needs.

Work with Varying Elevations

Owning a flat landscape or leveling out the yard is one way to make landscaping easy. But, you may love the idea of having grass and plants growing on different elevations. This can make things a little challenging for a standard irrigation system, but a custom design will work well.

Grow Non-Native Plants

In the Tampa area, you may not have a problem with growing native plants. But, your neighbors may have native plants all over their backyard because they are easy to maintain. A custom irrigation system will get the right amount of water with the right application to all plants.

Consider Rainwater

Rain is a common thing in the Tampa region, so you will need to take rainwater into consideration when determining how much water is needed from the irrigation system. Your yard’s layout and each plant’s location will play a role in how much rainwater is absorbed.

For instance, plants on higher elevations will likely need the most water from an irrigation system because the rainwater will make its way down into the rest of the yard.

If you have any questions about a custom irrigation system, contact us today.