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The Go-To Guide to Common Sprinkler Repair Issues

Why You Should Install an Automated Sprinkler System

One of the most important aspects of a beautiful home is its outdoor appeal. In Florida, we are blessed with weather that allows for lush, exotic vegetation. A healthy lawn also adds an enjoyable, relaxing place to spend time with family and friends. But how much time do you really have to take care of it? Dragging hoses and sprinklers around your yard is not how you want to spend your free time? What you need is an automated sprinkler system.

Automated sprinkler systems make it possible to keep your lawn healthy with little to no effort. They are also more efficient than the hose method. In fact, they can reduce your water consumption and water bill if properly installed and programmed.

This is possible because an automated system can be programmed to selectively water only certain sections of the lawn. Proper sprinkler placement will also ensure water stays off of sidewalks, the house, or plants that don’t require as much watering such as cactus.

A good automated system can be set to not water when it rains or when lawn moisture is already high. It does this through rain sensors and moisture sensors. Also, with proper programming, watering restrictions can more easily be complied with.

To reap the many benefits this kind of system offers, it is important that the installation and programming be done by qualified technicians. This is where American Irrigation excels. We provide a full range of lawn irrigation services, sprinkler repairs, and new installations. We have over 30 years experience in the lawn irrigation industry. For a free estimate or other lawn irrigation needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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