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Did you know that cooler weather doesn’t necessarily mean that your lawn needs less water?

Here’s a hint…

If you are mowing as usual you probably need to water as usual.
When you begin mowing less you can more than likely water less as well.

In Florida, where temperatures generally stay over 40 degrees Fahrenheit, watering regularly may still be required. Grass tends to become dormant after consistent freezing temperatures.

Look at each blade of grass. If wilted, water more. If you walk through your grass and turn around and see your footprints – water more. Don’t wait till it’s too late.

Location, soil type, amount of shade, and various factors determine the amount of water your lawn may need…  every lawn is different.

Select an appropriate sprinkler to water your lawn. MP Rotators, for example, can save up to 30% water savings compared to traditional nozzles.

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