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We wish YOU a Merry Christmas!

The tree may be up and the stockings may be full, but don’t forget – it is important to not turn off your system completely even if it is cooler and/or you decide to water less. Allow your system to run, if even for a few minutes on each zone each week, to ensure the integrity of your system.

In Florida we don’t have to bring out the snow shovel… but… here are some helpful tips!

– Watering your lawn well the night before a frost could potentially help prevent light frost effects on your lawn as the moisture slowly evaporates overnight.

– If your lawn does freeze it is important not to walk, mow, or place heavy objects on the lawn until all frost is gone.

– Have a plan of how you can cover delicate ornamental plants – the temperature can vary drastically. Even though it can be warm during the day it may be too cold for your plants at night.

Merry Christmas and God bless you and your family!!!
From, Sawyer and the American Irrigation Family

…and of course… from all of Sawyer’s Christmas pals too!

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