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How to Fix Sprinkler Clogs

How to Fix Sprinkler Clogs

Lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems are like shower fixtures in some ways. Like with your shower or faucet, a sprinkler head can develop a clog. This can cause water pressure problems, leaks, and more problems. Sprinkler clogs can develop from a variety of sources. So what do you do when your irrigation system develops a clog or stops working? A faulty sprinkler can lead to brown circles around the clogged head or pools of water.

This article will cover what to do when your irrigation system starts to go wrong. In general, the most common problems are blockages and leaks… However, since blockages can cause other problems, we’ll go over them briefly and discuss what to do about a blockage.

Why Do Sprinklers Leak?

One of the biggest causes is damage. Leaks near the stem of your sprinkler can be caused by lawnmowers getting too close and damaging the body itself. Other times, normal wear and exposure to the elements can cause a sprinkler head to become loose. The seals can degrade over time, leading to puddles around the base.

How to Solve a Sprinkler Clogs

There is likely a blockage if water isn’t coming out of a head when it should. This can come from dirt being pulled into the sprinkler. If a head is completely clogged, you’ll have to take it out to clean it properly. Like anything else in your home ā€“ Whether a shower or a mower ā€“ Your sprinklers need maintenance. A little TLC can help your sprinklers and lawn last a lot longer. Be sure to remove twigs, leaves, and other debris from your yard, too. This prevents clogs by removing the materials that cause clogs in the first place.

Of course, the kind of irrigation system you have does make a difference. At American Irrigation, we can help you set up and maintain the right system for your lawn. By working with professionals, you can ensure any repair job goes smoothly. You can also be sure you learn the proper maintenance for your system. Visit our website for more tips, or give us a call to get started today.

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