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How to Protect Your Lawn from Heat

How to Protect Your Lawn from Heat

This may come as a shock to some of you, but it gets pretty hot in Florida. It’s already getting pretty hot, a far cry away from the frost we experienced this winter. For us, it can be pretty easy to beat the heat. We can drive to the nearest lake, beach, or pool… Run inside to enjoy the air conditioning… Even choose when we sit in the shade. Unfortunately, our lawns aren’t so lucky. An irrigation system goes a long way in keeping your lawn cool, but there is more you can do. Please read this article to keep your lawn green and healthy all year, no matter how hot it gets. Here are our top five tips to protect your lawn from heat.

1) Water in the Morning

Watering later in the day is dangerous for a couple of reasons. First of all, not all the water will absorb into the soil. The heat from the sun will cause it to evaporate before it can soak into the roots. It can also lead to scorching on delicate new leaves. Watering at night is a solution some people prefer, but this can lead to mold and root rot, as the soil stays damp longer. Watering half an inch twice a week in the early hours will keep your lawn hydrated.

2) Mow Smarter

You should do three things when mowing your lawn during hot weather. First and foremost, let it grow longer than you would normally. This allows the roots to grow deeper, which can choke out weeds that compete for water. Keep your blades at around 4 inches, and keep them sharp. Dull blades fray grass, causing the grass to brown. Lastly, if you bag your clippings, mulch them instead. This traps moisture and helps cool your lawn during sunny seasons.

3) Keep Off the Grass

We get it ā€“ Part of the point of having a lawn is being able to walk on it and enjoy your property. However, you should limit how much you step on your lawn during the hottest days. Foot traffic packs the soil, which can suffocate your lawn’s roots. The blades also tend to be thinner and more brittle when it’s hot. By limiting your foot traffic, you can protect your lawn when it gets hot.

4) Consider Insect Treatment to Protect Your Lawn

Bugs notice when it gets hot. They start to swarm and reproduce and feed. Even if you’re taking great care of your lawn, you may notice that some spots are turning brown anyway. Look for grass that’s “skeletonized,” or eaten through its fibers. If you see bugs in your lawn feeding on the blades of grass, it’s probably time to spray. A lawn under attack won’t survive the heat very well.

5) Try Planting Trees

While your lawn can’t decide how much shade it gets, you can. Granted, new trees may not provide much cover… But the shade that crosses over your lawn will help reduce the overall temperature. Trees also add property value and make your property more comfortable, so it’s an investment that can pay off.

Hopefully, your lawn endures this summer with the help of these tips. One of the best ways to make sure your lawn has enough water is to install an irrigation system. For more information on these systems and general lawn care, visit our website.

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