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Yard Irrigation Myths Debunked

Yard Irrigation Myths Debunked

With a rise in consumer-aware paper bags in grocery stores, solar panels on homes, alternative composting methods in gardens, and recycling bins on every corner, the world around us is changing. But, with those changes comes several growing pains and gaps in common knowledge that might make some warier than necessary. With so many people becoming more and more concerned about the environmental impacts of their lifestyles, It might be time to dispel some of these pesky irrigation myths surrounding our field.

Isn’t This Wasteful?

To begin, this is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding water usage awareness. The short answer is ‘no,’ but the longer answer can be a bit more complicated. Thus, the explanations begin – An irrigation system is contrary to most beliefs, less wasteful than other watering methods. With new technology allowing smart systems to target specific areas of a yard as needed, you have far more control over your yard’s health than a common sprinkler might allow. From the time it waters, to how much it uses, far more water-wary methods of keeping your yard healthy are freely available to consumers.

Aren’t Irrigation Systems Expensive?

If you’ve watched any amount of television, you’d be well aware that most depictions of irrigation systems are within the confines of a wealthy homeowner’s yard. This is not necessarily true, as many systems can be affordable for the average homeowner. The price of the systems at hand is utterly dependent on your needs and how much you wish to spend.

The average irrigation system for a 10,000 sq. ft. property is roughly $4500. Keep in mind these irrigation systems can easily last 15+ years when installed by an expert. They will also save you plenty of time that you’d usually spend watering your yard by hand.

Don’t Irrigation Systems Cause Shallow Roots?

This is blatantly incorrect due to the nature of the grasses in Florida. Roots for any plant will grow anywhere with ample soil and moisture to nourish them. An irrigation system can allow your yard’s flora to grow larger and healthier, provided you fertilize and carefully regulate the amount of water and nitrogen in the soil itself.

Irrigation Can Wash Out Yards

This is another common misconception but can be true in some cases. A quick, easy way to properly maintain the state of your yard’s structure is to ensure that you have enough flora to stabilize the soil. Roots of many plants can anchor your yard and cement your topsoil, which solves any concerns promptly.

Conclusion For Irrigation Myths

Waste, expense, shallow roots, and washed-out yards – all unfounded points. These are some of the more common concerns when it comes to irrigation systems, but there are absolutely others that might cause worries for any prospective buyer. If you need further guidance, contact us today. We’d be more than happy to help ease your mind with anything that might cause you to hesitate to install an irrigation system for your yard.

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