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Why You Should Consider Sprinkler Installation on Your Property

A beautiful lawn is not only visually appealing, it’s inviting. It makes people think of running barefoot and enjoying a summer afternoon with friends and family. The key to that beautiful lawn is proper watering. “No problem!” you might say. “Let me grab the hose!” Actually, there’s a better way: sprinkler installation. This is why: […]

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3 Reasons To Invest In Custom Designed Irrigation

What’s the big deal about a custom designed irrigation system? Aren’t all sprinkler systems basically the same? Pipes, sprinkler heads, water connection and a timer, those are the basics, right? What’s the point on irrigation customizing? 1. Coverage: Let’s start with the first goal that usually tops the list for homeowners interested in a lawn […]

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The best irrigation repair specialist in Tampa

American Irrigation is an irrigation specialist that has been providing sprinkler design, lawn seeding, and irrigation services since 1982. We are a family owned company, driven by honesty, quality, service, and integrity. We live in the same community as you and are proud to deliver the quality services that you have come to expect from […]

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Rain Bird Sprinkler Repair – The Expertise Required

If you are using a Rain Bird sprinkler system, you are the proud owner of some of the best irrigation technology around. That is why you don’t want to trust Rain Bird sprinkler repair to just anyone. It’s important that technicians understand the smart technology and intelligent design of the Rain Bird brand. What Is Smart Irrigation? […]

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Honey, I Ran Over The Lawn Sprinkler. Again.

Is calling up a serviceman for another round of lawn sprinkler repair a familiar occurrence in your home? Knowledge is power and lawn sprinklers are no exception to that rule. Learn the most common reasons for lawn sprinkler repair and become empowered. It may help you keep your lawn sprinkler system in tip-top shape. Pipes Most sprinkler systems are constructed […]

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4 Signs Your Sprinkler System May Need Repair

A well-maintained sprinkler system saves you time and money. Rather than dragging and placing heavy hoses, your time is freed to spend with your family and hobbies. Instead of paying to water areas that are already saturated, your system is designed for even, economical coverage. When that systems malfunctions due to parts wear of damage, […]

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