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New Watering Restrictions

Beginning January 4, 2021, Hillsborough County has issued a new watering restriction. This allows most properties south of the Alafia River only one (1) watering day per week with revised watering times. Check out the county’s link for details, a map of impacted areas, and more. Here you can also find contact info if you […]

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Did you know that cooler weather doesn’t necessarily mean that your lawn needs less water?

Here’s a hint… If you are mowing as usual you probably need to water as usual. When you begin mowing less you can more than likely water less as well. In Florida, where temperatures generally stay over 40 degrees Fahrenheit, watering regularly may still be required. Grass tends to become dormant after consistent freezing temperatures. […]

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Yard Drainage

Do you have a soggy yard, walkway, or driveway? When a heavy rain comes does it keep you from being able to utilize your yard? We can help AND an EZ-Drain French Drain System may be right for you! The Poly-Rock aggregate of this system contains channels that increase the capacity and flow rate, up […]

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An Aging Sprinkler System

How old are your valves? Are your zones ever slow to turn on and/or off? Are there spots of brown in your yard when there isn’t a lot of rain? Does your grass have areas that look weak/sparse? These can potentially be signs of an aging sprinkler system. System maintenance is usually needed at or […]

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Seasonal Sprinkler System Maintenance

Having an automated, in-ground sprinkler system is one of the many innovations that have made home ownership in Florida much easier, but it is easy to forget about seasonal sprinkler maintenance. The regular maintenance these systems require enables them to continue making life easier, instead of more complicated. Seasonal sprinkler maintenance will not only keep […]

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I need my sprinklers fixed… now!

Often times, homeowners feel the urgency to have their irrigation system repaired during the driest and hottest months of the year. The only problem is… that means it is busy season for our irrigation technicians. Because we live in Florida, once the rainy season leaves it seems as if we go straight back to hot, dry weather […]

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